Thanksgiving History

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This post will be dedicated to the history of Thanks Giving Day. You can find hundreds of thank you cards and notes on Facebook or Pinterest.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

On September 26, 1789 the first Thanksgiving day was celebrated in America, thanks to a proclamation of the President George Washington. At this time, the American population was limited to one-third of the English colonies. The President Washington organized the first public Thanksgiving day. On this day, he urged the citizens to give thanks for the harvest.

A tradition was born.

Now, almost two hundred years later, we celebrate Thanksgiving day on the 4th Thursday of November every year. The holiday is widely celebrated in the United States. However, the real tradition of Thanksgiving started in 1621. This is when the American government created the first thanks giving day in the history of this nation.

What is the first day in the history of Thanksgiving?

On November 4, 1621, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. This day was organized by the Plymouth Colony. The governor of the colony, William Bradford, organized the day to thank God for the preservation of the colony from sickness and hunger. On this day, the community organized a thanks giving ceremony. It lasted for three days.

We can find many other thanks giving celebrations in the history of this nation. However, the first thanks giving day in the history of America is remembered in the calendar of national holidays.

Thanksgiving on the calendar of holidays

Thanksgiving day is part of the calendar of national holidays. Every year, in the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. Therefore, each American celebrates the holiday annually.

Thanksgiving Day also celebrated in Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean countries. These countries celebrate the same holiday as the United States.

This is not the only holiday in the United States that is celebrated annually in November. Here are other important holidays in the calendar of American holidays:

Independence Day on July 4.

The National Day on the 4th of July.

The Armed Forces Day on May 8th.

Armistice Day on November 11th.

Halloween on October 31st.

Christmas on December 25th.

Thanksgiving in other countries

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in other countries in the world as well. For example, there are other thanks giving days in the history of this nation:

New Zealand celebrates the Maori tradition, where a thanks giving day is celebrated every year in the last week of October.

Hong Kong and the Philippines also celebrates the traditional thanks giving days.

What is the history of the first Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving day in the United States starts in 1621, exactly when the first thanks giving day was celebrated in the history of America.

Since the day is celebrated every year in the United States, we can find many sources about this day. For example, books, documentaries, and movies have recorded this history of thanks giving day. Some of these sources will be explained in this post.