Thanksgiving facts

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Thanks giving day facts

Giving thanks today and everyday is a good habit. We are very often in a hurry to get things done and that makes us so busy that we miss to be thankful. Give thanks today and everyday and you will be grateful. Also read the history of giving thanks that you will find interesting.

1. Giving thanks day is celebrated in North America on fourth Thursday of November.

2. Thanksgiving is the national day of America.

3. The Pilgrims and Native Americans shared thanksgiving meal in 1621

4. On November 6th, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

5. In 1863, during the Civil War, the nation took time to thank for all the good things they received in the past years.

6. Thanksgiving is not celebrated on the same day in every state. Maine celebrates on second Monday in November.

7. Today in Turkey it is a tradition to eat the biggest meal on the second day of the first month of the new


8. Turkey is the only Middle Eastern country where national holiday is named Thanksgiving.

9. Turkey has been eating the turkey dinner every year on the third Thursday in November sinc

e 1935.

10. In Greece, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the seventh day of the new year.

11. In Russia the tradition of a national Thanksgiving meal for all the country’s citizens started in 1993.

12. In Argentina on November 21st is celebrated its natio


nal holiday, the celebration is called Carnaval.

13. In Hungary, the big turkey dinner is celebrated on December 6th.

14. During the 16th century, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in North America in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

15. According to the tradition, the first Thanksgiving meal was in honor of the first crop of the settlers, it happened in 1621, thanks to the harvest and the crops.

16. In the Netherlands on the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated giving thanks day.

17. In Japan, the celebration is called Otagaki and it is held on the sixth Monday in November.

18. In Mexico on November 29th is celebrated the Giving thanks day.

19. In Japan, they give thanks by visiting the shrine on February 3rd.

20. In Mexico they give thanks by visiting the Shrine of Guadalupe on December 12th.

21. The tradition of the Three Kings came from the Middle East and then spread throughout the M

editerranean countries.

22. In Poland, giving thanks is a tradition. It is called the “Christmas Table”.

23. In Poland, they give thanks for four days in November. The first day of this tradition is in November 9th.

24. In Russia, there is the “Seven days of Thanksgiving”. During the first day of this tradition is the birthday of Jesus.

25. In Russia, the tradition of Giving thanks was changed to “Fourteen days of Thanksgiving”, the first of this tradition is September 8th.

26. In Japan, giving thanks is called “Otagaki”. On November 26th

they give thanks for Otagaki.

27. In India, the “Giving thanks day” is celebrated on December 20th, the first day of the Festival of Lights.

28. In Bulgaria, Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 29th.

29. In Russia and Ukraine on December 25th is celebrated “The Feast of the Holy Birth”, the beginning of the Christmas season.

30. In China, Thanksgiving is celebrated on December 25th.

31. In Bulgaria, Turkey is the national dish.

32. In China, the tradition is the “New year’s cake”.

33. In China, they celebrate the New Year’s Day, a festival that is held on January 1st, on the Gregorian calendar.

34. Turkey is also the national dish of the Philippines.

35. Turkey is the national dish in Colombia.

36. In Bulgaria and Ukraine the feast of the Holy Trinity is celebrated on September 8th.

37. In Turkey, the tradition is giving thanks on New Year’s Day.

38. In Croatia, the feast is called “The First Day of the New Year”.

39. On Christmas Day, in South Africa the “Blessing of the Water” is celebrated.

40. In Indonesia, giving thanks on the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad is held in the month of September.

41. The Japanese celebrate the Festival of the Birth of Buddha, they call it “Festival of Lights”.

42. In Thailand, they give thanks to the Buddha on October 23rd.

43. In Turkey, on the first Sunday of December is celebrated “The Feast of Seven Kings”.

44. In Brazil the Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of the month of October.

45. In Turkey, Giving thanks day is celebrated on the sixth Sunday of the month of October.

46. The Japanese call their meal “Otagaki”.

47. The first Thanksgiving of the United States of America was celebrated on November 4th, 1621, and it was during the first Thanksgiving when the Pilgrims shared their meal with the Native Americans.

48. The giving thanks on November 5th is the first giving thanks in the history of America.

49. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated on November 4th, 1621.

50. In the month of November, every year, people around the world spend more than $1.8 trillion on giving thanks.

51. The U.S. spend $30 billion on Thanksgiving.